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The Madness of Empty Spaces

ISBN-13: 978-0692332962

Not all poetry is roses and green forests. There are those of us who tremble into a darker world when the words spill out of our fingers, such is the nature of our madness. There is a few select working and living in the darker forms of poetry, those who spew out the daunting and sometimes horrific subjects the world around us has to offer. The Madness of Empty Spaces is a celebration of the macabre; an in depth look at the darker side of poetry. David E. Cowen has produced a stunning collection of work in this latest book, The Madness of Empty Spaces, published through Weasel Press. We invite all our readers to open up and explore a revived world of poetry, a world that isn’t afraid to tingle the senses and chill our bones. The words in this collection will leave you all haunted and itching for more. We are excited to include this collection in our 2014 line up and we’re certain you’ll love every daunting moment. Purchase your copy of, The Madness of Empty Spaces by David E. Cowen today!

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