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Before you Forgot My Name

before you forgot my name

we argued over stupid things

the best color of flames

in the grill

the placement of the second fork

on the table

the proper way to carve the Thanksgiving bird

before you forgot my name

we glared at each other

me the thief of your daughter

you the interloping commander

always struggling with the overlap

of who we insisted we must be

and whom you insist we should be

before you forgot my name

you would grow frustrated with me

that my response to your statements

was not limited to

“yes sir”

that I breathed and spoke and thought

differently from you

before you forgot my name

we seemed so far away

never in the same place

at the same time

in our minds

but now,

I hold your hand

as you stumble to speak

discordant phrases


from the where and whom of you

and I forgive you


each of us

because you can not

and I always make sure

to tell you your name

and mine

knowing as you nod your head

that all the words between us

are now nothing more

than forgotten flames

on a spent lamp

#poetry #poet

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