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POETRY IS DEAD Documentary Release

Weasel Press has just announced release of its new documentary "Poetry is Dead" -- The release states as follows:

Poetry is a dying art. It's not profiting, attention is minimal at best. Yet it's anarchistic. Poetry is still circulating through small crowds and friends, and that's great! But is it enough? This project sets out to explore the current status of poetry. Is it dead? Is it sick? I sit down with several poets and writers to get there thoughts on the world of poetry and why they became a poet. Poets Featured: BGK, Brian Kehinde, Z.M. Wise, Happy Daze Poet, David E. Cowen, Ken Jones, Christopher Carmona, Isaac Chavarria, Dustin Pickering, Amy L. Sasser, Thomas Ames, Ce Jac, Billie Hill, Melissa Studdard, Birdman, William S. Tribell

The CD can be purchased at

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